Kelly Robertson is a valued advisor. As an editor she goes beyond basic editing. She wants to know how my writing will be used, who the audience is, and what the objectives are. When editing my work, she is very detail oriented with regards to the mechanics of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.  She has excellent advice for improving readability and sharpening my message. Her turn around is timely, and she is a delight to work with. I highly recommend Kelly.

Sean Gallagher, Founder of The Influence Success Company

Kelly Robertson is a fantastic editor. She has a genuine passion for grammar and a keen eye for details. I call her the continuity queen. If your novel’s protagonist was wearing a purple tank top at the beginning of chapter three but a green one at the end of the chapter, she will notice. She is well versed in the languages of business, finance and prose, making her an ideal editor for any project. I highly recommend her!

Louise Miller, author of The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living, a novel to be published by Pamela Dorman Books, an imprint of Penguin/Viking

After several years of writing and revising, my novel’s structure and story felt complete. But having been with the material for so long, I knew there were bound to be problem areas that I could no longer see. Along with ensuring the syntax was smooth, the grammar and punctuation were correct, and the characterizations were clear, Kelly provided insight into moments where my character was passive or where I could consider trimming scenes that felt a bit sluggish. Her notes on the manuscript were like a map that helped me find my way on the last leg of the journey. Her edits gave me confidence that my manuscript was not only complete, but ready to be sent to agents.

Kelly Ford